Mineral Water Face Mist

Mineral Water Face Mist Benefits


Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray

Experts agree that mineral water applied to the skin strengthens the cells that reside between the skins collagen and elastin layers. This results in a slowing down of the formation of wrinkles, it’s also perhaps why we read about the many actresses and fashion models that not only exclusively drink mineral water, but also use it to wash their faces and tone their skin.

Throughout history many of the rich and famous have enjoyed the benefits of natural mineral water by vacationing at mineral spring spas and resorts.

For the rest of us that are not yet rich and famous, natural mineral water sprays are available in a variety of sizes at most drugstore and beauty supply shops.

Mineral Water Face Mist when cleansing and moisturizing

At the end of your normal facial cleansing routine but before moisturizing, hold your mineral water facial mist spray can approximately 6 to 8 inches away from your face,  spray face liberally wait 2 to 3 minutes and then blot away any excess with a tissue or towel. Then apply your moisturizer to seal in the goodness.

Mineral Water Face Mist with your Toner

If you are like me you probably use a cotton pad to apply your favorite toner. A great way to save on toner cost is to first wet the pad with a little mineral water, just spray a water little into the mineral water spray cans lid and then soak it up with your cotton pad, then apply your toner to the pad and apply.

Homemade beauty concoctions

Many of us have favorite beauty recipes that we create at home using water as the main ingredient. Don’t just use tap water … use Mineral Water instead.

Mineral Water Spray as part of your Makeup routine

Many expert recommend applying foundation and eyeshadow wet. Do not use tap water use mineral water face mist spray instead, you do not need to use much.

Mineral Water Face Mist thorough out the day

Use mineral water throughout the day to spritz on your face. It works to set your makeup as well as hydrate your skin. Always keep a can of mineral water facial spray handy.